NO, We Don’t Sell Face Diapers! We do sell some Kickass Shirts!

masks for control

For those who have been emailing us to inquire whether of not we sell masks, NO WE DON’T SELL MASKS!

  1. We refuse to profit from people’s irrational fears or help promote the destruction of our country by pushing the face mask scam!
  2. Masks are not meant to stop the “VIRUS”, they are being pushed on the public to kill the heart and soul of who you are, to numb you into submission! Here is a great article on the topic: Are Mask Mandates meant to Kill the Soul and Spirit of Humanity?
  3. Wearing masks prolongs the amount of time the virus stays around by slowing down its infection rate WITHOUT decreasing the number of people who ultimately have to get it before it fades away.
  4. They cater to mental illness and the promotion of bizarre irrational fears. Walking around in public wearing masks feeds the fear and panic over a virus that’s less harmful to healthy people than the flu.
  5. They look FUCKING STUPID!

We do sell kickass shirts! Here are a couple that honor those who haven’t been brainwashed by this bullshit!

In honor of all the governors who have never worked a real hard days work in their fucking lives, but have deemed us hard-working Americans as non-essential…

Non-Essential Worker
Click on the Shirt to go to the product page and Buy It!
Click on the Shirt to go to the product page and Buy It!


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