Six Gun Shirts that will Make Liberals Heads Explode!

gun shirts liberals hate

When we launched Shirts of Liberty, we wanted to provide our customers with shirts and designs that they can’t find anywhere else. No more Politically Correct bullshit from Walmart!

So in honor of the anti-gun asshats who run Walmart, and all the douche bags who are helping disarm patriots like us, here are some of our top Pro-Gun shirts.

Is it because I’m Black?

Throw it back in their face! Let them no that discrimination in any form is not cool with our, Is it because I’m Black AR15 Shirt!

Is it because I'm Black Gun T-Shirt
Black Gun Shirt

When Guns are Outlawed….

Do you really want to make us the outlaws? Check out our I Will Be The Outlaw Gun T-Shirt.

I make my own Safe Space

Can you believe support animals, adult coloring books, and safe spaces are actually things in today’s society? Send them crying to their corner with our Fuck your Feelings Shirt!

Fuck your feelings Safe Spaces Shirt

Feeling Triggered?

These days everyone seems to be upset about something, well let’s show them our #MeToo Trigger!

Feeling Triggered #METOO Gun Shirt

Shove it in your Democrat Symbol!

I just love the fact that their actual symbol is an ass! Well let’s show them where they can shove their gun control agenda!

Turn in your guns!

Let’s remind them what happens when the government disarms a group of people.

Turn in your guns shirt


  1. you should be ashamed of yourselves these are the most disgusting vile shirts i have ever seen. i can’t wait till the second amendment is repealed. i am going to make sure we boycott you

    • You need to READ! The government IS NOT your friend. Your president (his handler’s) have made America into China!!!!! Pretty soon, we will have NO rights/liberties! Soon, because of people like you, government will KNOE everything WE do; have you been jailed, you like pizza, you like little girls etc…. When government introduces this Digital I.D. program (coming SOON), they will be able to turn off your ‘Electric’ car, shut down your bank account, tell you when you can travel. They will KNOW where you are AT ALL TIMES, 24/7!!!!!!

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