Why Does Beto O’Rourke want to Take your Evil Black Guns?

Beto O'Dumb

But seriously though, what the hell is it about these guns that has them so paranoid? It’s odd, AR15s are really no different than the hunting guns they all say they support the right for you to own.

So hey Beto, or whatever the hell made up ethnic sounding name you are going by these days, when you say ‘Hell Yes, We’re Going to Take Your AR-15, Your AK-47!’ what is it that makes you single those guns out?

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  1. The beta male O’Rourke can try but he will fail.
    I cant see any patriotic police or military officer enforcing this.

  2. You cannot trust the military or police,look at Mike pence,they all roll over like map dogs to jews,I never saw the appeal with mi!e pence he looks like a slimey leftie I don’t get it I really dont,anyway stop having non whites in your private militaries and stop weak statements like we’re not associated with proud boys,just be full on right wing and unless you actually see the military or po!I’ve in civil war fighting against multi cultural shoot them the left Jews and non whites,and even if you do end up with some military and cops fighting along a use each other you don’t know you can trust them all,don’t ever totally even trust the ones your fighting with,now’s the time to be tough and smart always.

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