Who we are:

Shirts of Liberty was created for a couple of reasons.

First, we were sick of all the hypocrisy that has invaded every aspect of how we live. We were sick of seeing corporations, masking themselves as free-market capitalists, using our money to get people who don’t support our values elected so they can rewrite our history and go after what we love.

Second, we started out running some pretty popular websites about shit we like: Fishing, Hunting, and Outlaw Country Music!

Third, we wanted to attempt to preserve our history and our traditions.

Our history is being rewritten before our eyes…

As an effort to preserve our history, we have scanned, digitized, and in some cases redrawn the images that inspired and formed our great nation.

And of course, we created a shit ton of new designs!

About our Shirts

These aren’t the shitty vinyl stick on shirts you find at the swap meet or on sites like Etsy. And they aren’t lame ass shirts created by internet marketers who are trying to profit off of a niche!

We aren’t selling niche products; we are creating shirts that we want to wear, about things we believe in and things we do: Fishing, Hunting, Outlaw Country, America, Liberty, and Freedom! If you have any doubt about our credentials, go check out our other sites OFFGRID Survival or Country Hookers. You’ll see this isn’t our first rodeo!

Shirt Quality and Printing:

We custom design every shirt, and in the cases of historic imagery we painstakingly digitize, recreate, vectorize, and hand draw everything to make sure it looks perfect when it’s printed. Again, this isn’t the pixelated crap everyone else sells.

Every shirt is digitally printed; this is the modern-day version of the screen printing process so it takes all the best aspects of the past and uses modern printing to ensure the best quality print on every single shirt we ship.